– Unpasteurized, handpoured and minimally filtered honey and natural products from the hive –

There’s always something new to learn about honey.

How many beekeepers are there in Canada? How fast can a bee fly? Need to know this and a whole lot more? We’re here to help you learn about these amazing creatures and this one of a kind product.

What is propolis and why do you need it?

Propolis performs the role of the hives autoimmune system. It is a combined antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal…

since 1979

We’ve been raising bees since 1979 and today honey sales are a major part of our flourishing business located in the…

Honey on the move – We’re everywhere!

Our Honey is available all over the Greater Vancouver area and beyond. Find a store near you and stock up today…

Honeybees play an
active role in the health
of the planet!

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