About Us

About Us:

Our History

Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey has been raising bees since 1979. It began with Agnes Coutt’s desire to pollinate a few raspberry bushes. Soon, she began selling her award-winning honey by the pail.  As her passion for beekeeping grew, so did the apiary. In 1997, Chilliwack Honey moved to their current location in Greendale. When Richard and Shirley Pye took over the business in 2005, they began moving the bees to different local meadows, producing a distinctive flavour of honey from each location. They also established partnerships with small, family beekeepers in Manitoba who produce our incredible clover and buckwheat honeys. These valued partnerships continue to this day. 

Our Family

Ryan Popma grew up on a small dairy farm in Mastqui Prairie and has spent his life immersed in agriculture. He believes in the value of good animal husbandry, the knowledgeable practise of caring for animals. This care and attention to detail extends to his work with our bees. Kathryn Popma is a teacher in the Chilliwack school district with a passion for learning herself. Graduating with background in science, she is interested in sustainable practises in agriculture and is fascinated by all things bee related. Ryan & Kathryn have three busy kids, Mackenzie, John, and Jackson, who help with the gardens, orchards, tractors, and hives.    

Our raw bee pollen is collected fresh and immediately frozen to deliver the most nutrients possible. Like a natural multi-vitamin, Bee pollen is an excellent source of B-vitamins, amino acids, minerals and protein. Soft and sweet, sprinkle Chilliwack River Valley Natural Bee Pollen over yogurt, cereal, or mixed into smoothies   

Wildflower Honey is harvested from a blend of local wild flora. Our most popular honey, wildflower is flavourful and versatile for most applications. Try it in your tea, coffee, baking, and savoury dishes.

Blueberry Honey is produced from the nectar of blueberry blossoms. A golden honey, Blueberry is sweet and fruity. Enjoy Blueberry Honey in baking, fruit-based desserts, and herbal tea.   

Mountain Honey is produced from a variety of remote wildflowers, trees and berries. An amber honey, Mountain has a rich, sweet flavour. Try Mountain Honey in your tea or coffee as well as in baking and savoury dishes. 

Creamed Honey is deliciously smooth and spreadable. Made from the same sources as our popular Wildflower variety, Creamed Honey is soft, flavourful, and versatile. Creamed honeys are made through a careful granulation process. No additives necessary!        

Clover Honey is sustainably sourced from small, family-owned beekeepers in Manitoba. Light and mild, Clover is perfect for drizzling into teas, coffees or infused into your favourite recipes.

Beeswax candles are handmade with pure beeswax and zero additives. Beeswax candles produce a soft, warm glow and soothing scent that will fill your home. Clean burning, our beeswax candles can last 2-3 times longer than paraffin candles. Beeswax candles purify the air by attracting and burning air-born contaminants. 

The beekeepers harvest does not end with honey! Aromatic and golden, our beeswax is gently filtered for use in any number of home and personal care projects. We use cappings wax, which is the wax that bees produce to cover the honey. Our beeswax is free of chemicals and additives.   

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